Why waste sexual energy when it can be transformed through yogic practices into ever changing continuous joy and bliss? Nearly everyone I know has no idea how truly awesome transmutation of conserved vital energy can be. Related to trantra, this spiritual approach to sexuality is, under the right conditions, most incredibly fulfilling.

Rectal sex positions entail rectal penetration and therefore are extremely stumbled upon throughout hardcore porn. Nearly all anal sex postures are different types of vaginal positions. Doggie style sexual penetration boosts the actual level of penetration, the getting lover could also sit flat and with their face down, with the penetrating mate straddling their thighs and legs.

10. If you like using sex toys such as vibrators, butt plugs or butt beads, don't be afraid to let your partner know. If these things excite you then they are likely to excite your partner as well. The more aroused you both are, the more intense the experience will be.

Sex is a very private component of our lives. I'm not suggesting that we talk to everyone about it. However, creating a safe space where we feel comfortable talking about sex with someone, can transform our lives. When was the last time you talked about sex with someone?

OK, so now we have four general situations: 1) You have no power, she has no power, 2) You have no power, she has the power, 3) You have power, she has power, 4) You have power, she has no power.

Myth #1: As long as you love each other, desire will follow. Often we are led to believe that diminishing sexual desire means that we don’t love each other enough – or that something is broken in our relationship. The truth is that even people in happy relationships experience that dreaded loss of spark.

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