Think about the purity of children and what this means. Remember what Jesus said about children? Children are generally free of the real suffering, concerns and attachments of adulthood. Note the behavior of children verses adults. More often than not, they seem to have endless energy and take great, natural and genuine pleasure in the littlest things. And what do adults do? Nothing but worry, hurry and more worry! Their capacity for enjoyment is far more limited, stagnated and often forced or superficial. In your earliest years before you discovered the intense excitement of sexual release, wasn't life more carefree and simple? Not so harsh or devastating when things went wrong? Also wasn't there a constant and pleasurable voluptuousness and blissful bodily vitality that never went away?

The next variations are practical. In the standard standing posture, both partners stand up facing each other and also embark on vaginal intercourse. And pull back on a little bit more to access the anus.

9. Make sure you put the washing machine on a long wash cycle. You make find it helps to have something heavy in the wash cycle, such as towels as they will cause the machine to move more than it would if empty.

Here's my axiom of personal development: If you want to improve in something, then learn about it and have it be part of your conversations. If you want to improve your health/fitness (for example), then have that conversation be alive for you with your friends and associates. And, if you want to improve the relationship you have with sex, then talk about it...

So if you're ready to turn up the heat in your bedroom, try visiting a sex shop online. Whether you're alone or with a partner, you'll find all the toys, costumes, enhancement products, and sex aids you need to make every intimate experience even better than the last.

Characterized by "I am the best thing that every happened to you. I take what I want, and you'll enjoy it. If I want your opinion, I'll give it to you. If you are too stupid to see the opportunity that is in front of you (me) then you're an idiot, and nothing can be done to help you... later." Clifford and I were talking on the telephone a few days ago about the new Motley Crue book. You may have read my newsletter a few weeks ago about that book and what those guys are like. Clifford and I agree that these guys act like complete animals, and yet they bang ALL of the world's hottest chicks... from groupies to super-models. These guys are the undisputed champs of moral bankruptcy in my book. But they sure get laid a lot. lol... they also spend a lot of time in jail and rehab, so think twice about modeling them! Even though these guys aren't the best models for children, I think that some useful lessons can be learned from them. More later.