* Rub in until absorbed Most men apply the product daily, and some even ask their partners to get in on the act. While the product shouldn't be used as a personal lubricant, asking a partner to participate in applying a soft, slick product to intimate skin might lead to all sorts of interesting encounters and enhanced enjoyment for both parties.

The key to transmutation (this is important) is the expansion of a strong, healthy libido into bliss with adaptogenic herbs (often called "aphrodisiacs"), herbal antioxidants, vitamin antioxidants, super foods, daily water fasting, daily aerobic exercise outside in a garden or park, breathing exercises, and whatever else that will increase the level of prana (vitality) in the body and connection with nature. Every aspect of transmutation is what one would do anyway to achieve perfect high-level wellness or wholeness. A wholesome diet high in adaptogenic herbs and supplements with complete meals separated by short fasts on loads of water is the most important key factor. Every factor for wholeness must come together and the long term (months into years) conservation of sexual fluids is only one essential factor that would be very hard to achieve nor even make much sense without all the other essentials of this wholeness lifestyle.

A great number of positions can be utilized for either vaginal and / or rectal penetration. The going through partner is situated over a area, hip and legs outstretched. The experiencing spouse sets on top and wraps their hip and legs round the penetrating partner pointing toward one another or even in another variation facing up.

7. Women are perennially complaining about not coming to their orgasms. Well, there are things that could help. One of the ways you could do this is to place a pillow below the butt which raises the vaginal area to an optimal position. This is a great position for getting the most optimum contact of the penis with the clitoris, always helping in reaching earth-shattering orgasms.

Lots can be said about Lucy's course. One of the benefits I got is the ability to give great hugs! That's right -- women are telling me that my hugs are warmer and more soothing than ever before. They feel my embrace as comforting and nourishing. As they verbalize their feelings, a new glow seems to emerge as women realize what is possible when connecting to others. For me, talking about it has caused me to be more sensitive and aware of giving good hugs, and being present to the wonder and power of hugging another human being... Just by talking about it!

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